Our success with high ranking websites has brought us to this conclusion that complacency is dangerous and laurels were not meant for resting upon.

It’s easy to get a website to the #1 spot on search engines when its a microniche industry. However, to be found on the search engines, people need to be looking for it. And if they don’t know your product even exists, what percentage of those who benefit from it are looking for it? Slim to really slim. It’s great that you’re ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., but keep in mind, this is reactive marketing. And in a microniche industry, you need to spend even more time and money getting your name out there proactively, and gaining your owners equity in the market ASAP.

We have several customers who do no other marketing but be found on the search engines and fill orders, turn prospects into clients, lead into gold, etc. But think of how much more volume we would be talking about if they didn’t just rely on that stream of traffic.

Compound your marketing. Get in their face. Push as well as pull. Don’t leave money on the table, and don’t simply “exist” in the business world.

Be the giant with the shoulders on which others want to stand.