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A Scientific Approach to Website Design.

The final phase of the scientific method is proving the results to be replicable. This means we can take techniques we’ve used in the past and apply them to new website design (or website redesigns) and we know they will work because we’ve proven it multiple times over. The results are reliable.

We apply elements of

Using one website design element more than the others puts the project out of balance and has been proven to be less effective. Working the details to where it clicks together always creates a business attraction machine. This is the scientific approach to website design.

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"Ever since BizMarquee took over my website and made it mobile friendly, I've been getting calls from being found on Google searches. I always ask people how they found out about us, and more and more lately, they are coming straight from the website. I highly recommend BizMarquee.com's services!"

Jim Brown Airpark Automotive December 28, 2016

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It’s not the art of seduction, but the science of seduction.




Some Sweet Talkin’ Firm Comes Along…

...Singin' a Song...Dont Mess Around 'Cause You Just Might Go Broke.... Several clients and colleagues of mine have started a disturbing trend of bouncing around to various digital marketing companies for help with their websites, social media, and search engine...

Familiarity is the Death of Seduction

It happens a lot. My client and I meet. I learn all about their business. I understand what they want out of a website, how they want their business to grow, what kind of audience to reach, and we write some great content. With that, I design a website that...

Get People OFF Your Website

I work with a lot of clients who want to keep the user on their website for long periods of time... It is a falsehood to think that your audience should remain on your website for long periods of time. First of all, they don't want to. Secondly, if you are showcasing...

Give Good Headline

Welcome To This Article. Wake up! Did you fall asleep while reading my boring headline? How many websites have you visited that had a "Welcome to Our Website" message? Did the warmth of that headline make you want to immediately contact them for their goods or...

How Much Does A Website Cost?

I sat down with a client to go over the construction of his new website. As we were adding more and more pages and features, he leaned back and said, fraught with worry: "This is going to cost me a thousand dollars, isn't it?". "No, more like, two thousand", I...

How To Get The Most Out Of Your New Website

I was originally going to title this "How to be a good client", but the goal here is not for you to be an obedient, solvent source of revenue for your web design company, it is for you to get the best value and have an effective website that passively brings you...

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"BizMarquee were very responsive, full of great ideas, and got my website done on time and under budget. They transformed our website into a vital part of our sales efforts, and tailored a search engine optimization campaign, which has doubled our traffic. BizMarquee has really taken seriously their role as our marketing partner and we look forward to continued success in working with them."

Heather Maguire Geek Style Solutions December 28, 2016