There be no shelter here. The front lines are everywhere.
-Rage Against The Machine

If you’re hosting your website on your own with a cheap host, I hope you know how to remediate a hacked website. Once your site is hacked, one or both of the following will happen:

1. When users hit your site, they’ll see this message.


2. When users see your listing in Google, it will have a notation that your site was hacked.


Your credibility is shot.

A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was.
– Joseph Hall

So, fix your website ASAP. Wait, do you know how to fix it? Perhaps bring it to the attention of your inexpensive hosting provider, like these people did.

This person had a website hacked that was hosted with Bluehost and left out in the cold.
Multiple websites were hacked (makes sense, on these systems, if one gets hacked, they all do) and they were down for over 2 weeks with only arguments from the Bluehost support dept. The comments with other people sharing their stories are even scarier. There be no shelter here.

Several Consumer Complaints about Godaddy
One in-particular had his site hacked and Godaddy used it as an opportunity to sell them their add-on site security service which helps prevent hacking, but does not fix the existing hacked website. He had to find a third party company to fix it. There be no shelter here.

The (not so) funny thing is, to prevent hacking, many host offer an upcharged service for this prevention. We offer it be default.

When the whole world is a war zone, why would you build a castle with no army to protect you?