Use of color is extremely important in your marketing materials and especially your branding. Psychologists have noted that the impression from color can account for up to 60% of the decision to accept or reject a product or service.

Consider that Oranges, Reds and Yellows are considered “exciting” or “alarming” colors while Blues, Purples and Greens are more “calm” colors.

In the U.S., the following colors elicit the respective meanings.

  • Black: Authority, Sophistication, Mystery, Artistic, Creative.
  • Red: Increases enthusiasm, Stimulates brain activity. Denotes Excitement, Boldness, Alarm, Strenth, Passion
  • Yellow: Mentally Stimulating. Activates Memory. Denotes Warmth, Sunshine, Happiness & Energy. When used with Red and Orange it can literally incite hunger. Note that most fast food logos use Red, Orange and Yellow.
  • Blue: Cooling and Sedated, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Reliability, Ethical, Professionalism. This is a popular color for Attorneys, Accountants, etc.
  • Orange: Stimulates Appetite. Denotes Fun & Flamboyance. This color is used mostly with Reds and Whites. Very popular with Discount Retail and restaurants.
  • Green: Nature, New, Fresh, Growth, Abundance
  • Pink: Softness, Femininity, Sweetness, Innocence
  • Purple: Royalty, Spirituality, Elegance, Nobility, Luxury,
  • White: Purity, Cleanliness, Youth, Simplicity, Innocence
  • Gold: Prestige, Expensive, Rich, Luxury
  • Silver: Prestige, Scientific