Having your website optimized for search engines doesn’t just make it easier to find. It makes your whole business look better. Period.

Due to the nature of search engine criteria, your website must be a powerhouse in order to achieve a high ranking. Being up to date, relevant, easy to use and vouched for by well known entities are crucial. What we’ve discovered in our experience is that SEO is a holistic solution to having a dynamic overall website. And, being that your website is the the face of your business, this makes your whole business look better.

Let’s review what makes a website search engine optimized:

Your Website’s Content is Relevant

Your website should clearly reflect the nature of your business. For example, a website for a deck and fence installer should include content about the latest decking and fence products and technology. Displayed on the site should be photos of products and completed projects reflecting the quality of your work. In addition, a blog should be included regarding outdoor living as this is your area of expertise. The content must be easy to read and understand. Knowledge from other (non-competitive) websites should be referenced to support your content. These components are ideal for specific Search Engine Optimization.

Your Website Must be Easy to Use

The pages of your site should respond to various screen sizes. Headlines, wording, links and forms should all be easily accessible from computer screens to the smallest cellphones. The content must be easy to read so that it is understandable to all age groups and education levels. By including all of these features, you will have a very healthy, versatile website which will meet specific Search Engine Optimization criteria.

Popular Business Directories Should All Have the Same Information About Your Business

Business directories such as DexKnows, HotFrog, EZLocal, etc, should have your name, phone number, address, business hours, attributes, etc. These “local citations” are all consistent and will boost your credibility and ultimately, your SEO. If all directories do not show the same information, your company will appear inconsistent which will weaken your reputation. A weakened reputation will consequently lower your SEO rankings. As a side note, strong local citations which boost local SEO also boost national SEO.

People Should Speak Positively About You

Your reviews are strong on Google and Facebook. You are mentioned in blogs and news websites. Your website’s content is so informative that other sites link to you as the industry expert or authority. People are commenting on your social media posts and sharing your well written content. Sounds like a strong website, doesn’t it?

Your Website Has Very Few or No Technical Issues

Your website has no dead links. Its titles and descriptions are not too long or too short. Its images have descriptive ALT tags. The content is not being duplicated. The website’s security certificate is legit. All of these factors provide confidence that your website is solid and therefore your business is solid.

In conclusion, the very criteria to make a website Search Engine Optimized is the exact criteria to make it healthy, boost your reputation and convert prospects to clients. It is a self proven theory that the search engines cannot be “tricked” into ranking you high. Presenting a strong, healthy website in its purest form is the only assurance of a high ranking. And in doing so, you will reap the benefits of your whole business’ image being upgraded in the process.