Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

There’s nothing better than having the leads come to you, and that’s what SEO is all about. We are a top SEO company because we have been doing it since the inception of the world wide web search engine.


In 1996 we created a web page for a local business, just to see what the web was all about in how it related to business marketing. A few months after we published it, the owner, confused, called and said “I just got a call from someone who said they found us on something called ‘Yahoo’?? What is that? Is that something related to the web page you put up?“. This would be our first success story. It’s been like this ever since.

Our method is not only a scientific approach to SEO, but a human-optimized website with human-optimized content. What’s good and relevant for humans to read is what the search engines look for. We have had tremendous success with Search Engine Optimization, in fact, we have many clients that use SEO as their sole marketing effort.

A Proven Strategy

A two-pronged approach to rank you for specific keywords that convert to sales, and general industry queries that make you the authority of your industry, raising your overall SEO across the board. (Example for a Roofing/Exterior contractor…)


ROI KeywordsAuthority Building
Purpose: Getting new business, hot leads, people looking for your servicesPurpose: Building domain authority; attracting backlinks
Ex: maryland roofers, siding installation westminster, mdEx: preparing your roof for winter, purpose of gutters
Low volume, High Click-Thru rateHigh volume, National attention
Competition: Low - MediumCompetition: High
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Dominate The Search Engine Results

Our SEO techniques not only get you to the top for your relevant keywords and geographical service areas, but also create multiple entries so that you dominate the top spots (plural) of the search engine results. This means that when prospects see you in the results, they see you multiple times, leaving less room for your competition. We do this by seeing your site as a not just one entity to optimize, but a sum of pages, each one to be individually optimized and recognized by the search engines. Each page, each blog post, each image is its own optimizable piece of content that can show up individually on the search results. The key is making those pieces all of high importance to the search engines. 

Go Nuclear

We don’t just list you in Google and call it a day. We ensure your information is complete, correct, and thorough in roughly 100 business directories. This has an exponential effect on your primary search engine value. We get your information blasted all over the internet, which rockets your value to the main search engines. We can list you in the not-so-easy places on the cutting edge like Apple and Alexa, even. Your competition will not be able to compete with you. It just won’t even be a contest. This is the goal, to not only increase your visibility on search engines, but to eliminate your competition.

SEO Analytics and Forensics

The effort is nothing without the proof. We provide in-depth reports showing how you fare in the relevant keywords that bring people to your website. We also show how your competition is doing with those same keywords. We have access to the big data belonging to the search engines, so we can pinpoint where you are, and where your competition is. With several metrics, we’ll be able to track your progress, and also see specifically what needs to improve to bring your visibility higher. All of our efforts will be transparent to you with monthly or weekly reports showing all relevant data in an easy-to-understand format.



In Summary, our SEO service includes:

  • An initial evaluation and report on your website’s current SEO rankings.
  • Research of your competitors.
  • Fixing any crawl errors that exist on your site.
  • Monthly or Weekly reports showing a wide breadth of metrics.
  • Constant honing with SEO proof-of-progress.
  • Methodical overthrowing of your competitors.
  • Researched content writing with SEO related topics.

It doesn’t end there. Sometimes SEO is not enough. We measure success by how many phone calls and emails you get from prospects. IF you rank #1 for everything you want, but your phone isn’t ringing, the problem isn’t SEO, it’s your website and it’s ease of use and persuasiveness. We can fix that, too. We have made small persuasive changes on websites that were like turning on a faucet of inbound queries.

We also offer plans that add website management, maintenance and updates to your site for one low monthly price. We basically take full responsibility for your website’s well being. If there’s a problem, there’s no blame game between your website designers and your host. It’s all us, and we respond immediately.

Our service is reliable, accurate and extremely high-response. If you need a solid web host, or are unhappy with your current website hosting service, please Contact us as soon as possible for a free evaluation and proposal.



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