Welcome To This Article.

Wake up! Did you fall asleep while reading my boring headline? How many websites have you visited that had a “Welcome to Our Website” message? Did the warmth of that headline make you want to immediately contact them for their goods or services? Of course not.

The headline is a most overlooked component of a website. The headline should really tell the user, quite persuasively and confidently, why you are the golden choice. Don’t just welcome them to your website, grab them by the collar, slap them around and shake them up!

Let’s take a CPA’s website for example. One headline could be:

Providing Tax and Payroll Services To Businesses.

Ok? And? All you got across to the user is that you’re an accountant. If you were at a networking event and someone said “What do you do?” and you say “I’m an accountant.” then sip your ginger ale, I can guarantee you that conversation just skidded to a halt. Don’t tell them what your occupation is, tell them what you DO. How about this headline instead:

Make More Money. Pay Less Taxes.

Bold. Confident. Inarguable. Find one single business owner who doesn’t find that headline attractive. Now imagine you’re at the networking event and when asked what you do you respond “I help business owners make more money and pay less taxes” and you sip your French Martini. All of a sudden the person you’re talking to becomes interested. Who doesn’t want that benefit?

Your website should be the same way. It should seduce the reader and pull them in making them want more.

Long Story Short:

  • Fortuna audaces iuvat! (Google it)