It happens a lot. My client and I meet. I learn all about their business. I understand what they want out of a website, how they want their business to grow, what kind of audience to reach, and we write some great content. With that, I design a website that encompasses all of our goals.

I unveil the initial design.

Client: WOW!!! I love it!!

Me: But of course. I shall get to work producing this design into a website.

* a few days later *

Client: You know, I’ve been staring at this design, and, I don’t really like it. Can we make the logo “pop” more? And I really need to mention some other things that we didn’t talk about. Also, I’d like the background to be something moving. This just is so boring.

Me: Ok…let me make some adjustments.

Me: *Unveils another design based on Client’s wishes*

Client:, lets make the logo POP more! And lets change the font to something whimsical.

Me: *Unveils yet another design based on Client’s wishes*  …  *considers other careers*

Client: (Angry) This is a mess. This will never work as a website for my business!!!!

Me: *Unveils the original design*

Client: WOW! I love that! That’s exactly what we need, I love…wait…

The problem here is that the client did what a lot of people do. They overthink and deconstruct. That initial “WOW” reaction they had is the reaction all their prospects will have when they view the site. You can stare at anything for too long and eventually get sick of it. Deconstructing it will only make it worse. Trust your initial instincts, because how you feel immediately is how users will feel viewing your site. You want that WOW.