If you like to read news stories on your phone, you’ve probably been seeing the lightning bolt symbol near the story link more and more. This means the page is an AMP page, and you will be seeing it more and more because it’s a real advantage for not only usability, but also Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Page”, and in short, it means the page’s mobile rendering is very basic and stripped down in order to load as quickly as possible. They are best used for blogs and other kinds of chronologies such as news or announcements. AMP is specific to mobile devices because:

  • Mobile devices are harder to read for long periods of time
  • People have less patience on mobile devices than they do desktop computers

This can indirectly give you a boost on Google and an immediate edge over your competition.

  1. Your page in the search results will have the AMP icon, drawing the eye to it.
  2. Fast loading pages get higher rankings, and nothing is faster than AMP pages
  3. AMP means your site is mobile responsive and Google loves that.
  4. If you add SSL to your website, then now you have 2 things you can do for low cost and low effort get better Google rankings!

Remember, anything that contributes to a good user experience will contribute to SEO. Fast loading pages, that are mobile friendly chock full of relevant content will gain you favor in Google’s results pages. It’s very easy to implement AMP in existing websites. Have your webmaster do it for you. If they don’t know how, tell you that you don’t need it, or, take forever to answer your calls or emails, contact us, we will be glad to help you. It’s already helped some of our clients edge our their targeted competition, and who doesn’t want that?