Now that the web has existed for a while, even post-90’s-bubble, we have a new problem; old websites maintaining longevity while their owners claim they still work.

I have a client who uses us for hosting his 10 year old website. It’s not mobile friendly, it has no interactive forms, it’s 800 pixels wide. It’s ugh. But, it gets my client business because it has phenomenal SEO. My concern is how much business is it repelling?

When someone does a search for your service, they have choices. 87% of the time, they will choose the better looking representation of your industry, ala, the most professional looking, persuasive website. SEO by itself is not enough, as you know. Good SEO on an outdated website is like pouring more water into a bucket with a hole in it.

I want to sell him a newly designed website, which will contain all the SEO advantage of his current site, but also:

  • Be mobile responsive. (He hasn’t gotten penalized by Google yet but he will)
  • Have an interactive form. (All inquiries are saved on the back-end of the website)
  • Be built on a content management system where updates and additions are quick and easy.
  • Very likely even stronger SEO.

His guard is rightfully up because he thinks I’m just trying to up-sell him. He is getting some business from his current website, but he doesn’t know how much business is being TURNED AWAY because of it. I have a genuine interest in my clients’ prosperity. The website is a magical (albeit scientific) device that should funnel hot prospects right to you for the taking. And if you have SEO and NOT a modern, mobile responsive, persuasive website, your funnel will start to dry up.

So, even though you think your website is working, imaging the acceleration you’ll experience when you have all components caught up and in place working like a well oiled machine.