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Websites That Make You A Customer Magnet

Since 1994 we have been designing, hosting and managing websites for local businesses and organizations. Through our years of experience of being a web design company, we have figured out the scientific formula for attracting customers.  

We don’t just create websites, we launch a relentless pursuit of your success.

Website Design

Be A Customer Magnet.

We create websites that are easy to use, can be found easily on the search engines and are very persuasive. We use a scientific approach involving psychology, persuasion and usability to make your website attract business passively. Our websites are powerful customer magnets that bring you hot prospects in your sleep.

Website Hosting Services

A Strong Foundation / Proven Service.

As a web hosting services company, we approach website hosting as critically as if it were the heartbeat of your business. We provide reliable uptime and abundant backups. We also keep your site fresh, updated, relevant and ranking high on search engines. You have a lawyer and an accountant. We fill a new necessity:
your website manager.

Search Engine Optimization

Get Found, Get Business.

As a top SEO company for the past 20+ years, we know all the ways to move you up in the rankings. We also know what your competitors are doing and how they are ranking. Our efforts are unrelenting, and we supply monthly or even weekly reports of your progress, and your competitors’ downfall.

"Ever since BizMarquee took over my website and made it mobile friendly, I've been getting calls from being found on Google searches. I always ask people how they found out about us, and more and more lately, they are coming straight from the website. I highly recommend BizMarquee.com's services!"

Jim Brown Airpark Automotive

"I've tried other website and digital marketing services, but BizMarquee.com is the only one actually got the website to bring me customers. I've gotten a lot of business just from my website existing. I'd never use anyone else."

John George Creative Concepts Taxidermy

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"BizMarquee were very responsive, full of great ideas, and got my website done on time and under budget. They transformed our website into a vital part of our sales efforts, and tailored a search engine optimization campaign, which has doubled our traffic. BizMarquee has really taken seriously their role as our marketing partner and we look forward to continued success in working with them."

Heather Maguire Geek Style Solutions

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Just A Few Of Our Web Hosting and Web Design Clients

Web Design Company & Web Hosting Company & SEO Services.

Since the 1990’s we have been providing website design, website hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) and website management services. We serve the Baltimore, Maryland and outer metropolitan areas, as well as the whole country. We’ve even designed and managed websites in Canada, Mexico and South America for larger international companies, whether you’re a commercial cleaning company, divorce lawyers in Maryland, or even a provider of precision calibration gas mixtures of we can help you get more business.

From septic repair to accounting services and tree removal services to CoolSculpting and Early Intervention Services for Autism and how to build confidence in kids, we cover all industries.

Websites should be seen as an attractant for your business. Being easily found through search engine optimization (SEO), persuasive web design, and reliable web hosting are the 3 major keys to an effective website. Once a user finds you, you have 2.5 seconds to get their attention and convey the who/what/where/why/when & how of your business. This number is less for people on smartphones. Our mobile responsive website design allows for quicker access to your sales funnel, understanding that mobile website users have less time, less patience and less desire to research. We specialize in these three website design, website hosting and search engine optimization (SEO) areas.

We have offices in Baltimore, MD and Westminster, MD. Our ideal client is a business owner or business manager who wants to optimize their time running their business. Much like an accountant or attorney, a website manager is like a part-time employee who has a sole purpose, which is to keep your website up to date, effective, and easily found on search engines. An effective website manager will be responsive, share ideas, and work to make sure your website is bringing you business, allowing your time to be freed up to run your business. This is what we do. We are your outsourced, local to Baltimore web designers and web hosting company. If you have a website that you’re spending too much of your own time working on, or have a web host now that is either non-responsive, or unenthusiastic about your business’ success, please contact us for a free evaluation. If you are in the Baltimore Metro or Washington DC areas, we would love to meet with you in person, and outside the Baltimore/Washington areas, we can still help. We have clients all across the country. Let’s Talk! We don’t just want to sell you website design and website hosting services, we want to full understand your business, help you develop a strategy and build an ongoing relationship. Your success is our success.